Navigate Your Landscape With Ease

Navigate Your Landscape With Ease

Arrange for a paving stone walkway installation in San Carlos or Emerald Hills, CA

Instead of trampling your lawn every time you need to walk across the yard, why not install a decorative walkway made out of durable pavers? Exterior Pavers Designs, Inc. does walkway installation work in San Carlos, Emerald Hills, CA and surrounding areas. We can help you decide on the right type of Belgrad pavers for your property and install them in a timely manner. When our crew is done, you'll have a winding walkway that looks just the way you want.

Call 650-863-7328 now to get walkway installation services. There are an endless number of pavers to choose from when designing your walkway.

Don't damage your lush lawn

Call on Exterior Pavers Designs to complete your paving stone walkway installation in the San Carlos & Emerald Hills, CA area. You should consider installing a walkway around your property to:

  • Create a balanced landscape
  • Enhance the appearance of your yard
  • Keep your lawn from being damaged
  • Make it easy to traverse your yard


Contact us right away to schedule paving stone walkway installation services. Our specialists will be happy to answer any questions and provide you with a free estimate.